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.: 05/20/2012 - New Return of the Tentacle Trailer :.
On the Return of the Tentacle project page you can find a new trailer from our Project. Watch it now!

.: 05/20/2012 - Do you speak german? :.
If so, you may now simply click that tiny little flags there, to change language between german and english.

.: 02/18/2012 - Welcome ! :.
Yeah I know. I really know. You hoped for a Return of the Tentacle release with the new website, but's STILL not here :) I'm sorry. But anyway, welcome to the new Home of Apeiron Studios. The site is quite small and clean, so you cannot get lost.
Simply use the big navigation bar on top of the page, and look around a bit. I'm sure, the first thing you will click is 'Projects' and then 'Return of the Tentacle' ;) . Have fun!